Turn your dusty old firearms into cold hard cash!

 Have an old gun you no longer need?  
Want some quick cash for your used firearm? 
Want to trade up to a new firearm?

 We will make a cash offer for your used firearms on the spot, or we can accept it on consignment and post on our Online Auction service at GunBroker.com

 How does it work?
Simply bring your gun (or gun collection) to one of our retail locations at Stage Stop Gun Shop, 5094 Jessie Street, Ste. A.,  Mariposa, CA  95338 or Stage Stop Gun Shop, 1175 Broadway Ave.,  Atwater, CA  95301.

We will sit down with you to appraise the firearm(s) and make you a cash offer for your firearm(s) or we’ll help you determine a fair starting price for a consignment. Consignments are listed on GunBroker.comand sell to the highest bidder.

 It’s Safe:  When you sell to Stage Stop Gun Shop, you legally transfer any firearm out of your name. For consignments, we protect your identity and act as the contact with the buyer. We store your guns in fire resistant safes while on auction.

 It’s Easy: You bring in the guns, we do all the work for consignments and we mail you a check when your gun sells.

 It’s Legal:  We are bound by all Federal, State and Local firearms laws. So, by selling your gun to Stage Stop Gun Shop, it immediately is put into our inventory and is legally transferred out of your name. With consignments, we will ensure that the purchaser of the firearm is legally eligible to purchase it and we provide you with proof of transfer of ownership.

 It’s profitable:  We pay top dollar for used firearms. Consignments are exposed to the hundreds of thousands of potential buyers and selling via auction generates the highest price possible.

Our consignment fees are as follows:

  • 20% of the final sales price for items greater than $300
  • 30% of the final sales price for items $100-300
  • 40% for items less than $100.

Services for that fee include:

  • Cleaning and Minor Repair/Touch-up of the Firearm
  • Professional Detailed Photography
  • Comprehensive Descriptions of Item in Ad Copy
  • Answering Questions from Potential Bidders / Buyers
  • All Auction Fees Including Listing and Final Valuation Fees
  • All Shipping Charges
  • Validating the Authenticity of Federal Firearms Licenses through the BATFE
  • Storage of Firearms in Fire Resistant Safes
  • Credit Card Payment Fees Deducted by Credit Card Companies
  • Collection of Payment
  • Retention of All Documents Pertaining to Sale as Required by the BATFE


Tuesday - Saturday

10:00am - 6:00pm


5094 Jessie Street, Ste. A
Mariposa, CA 95338
Phone: (209) 966-3777
Fax: (209) 966-3888

Stage Stop Gun Shop - Atwater
Stage Stop Gun Shop - Mariposa


1175 Broadway Ave.
Atwater, CA  95301
Phone:  (209) 358-4867
Fax:  (209) 358-4863